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the idea

shred the deck was an idea we had last summer in order to create a unique moment for a young team of wakeboard talents. We thought about a project bringing their passion for wakeboarding and our opportunities in producing event and media solutions together. Here we are, the idea of shred the deck was born and took place at one of our rider's private homespot. Altogether, the rider, their enthusiasm, the spot and its obstacle glowing in the dark made this moment so awesome. Thanks to all the guys who have been part of our session and made this idea possible.

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the rider

Our team consisted of seven young locals - some of them are well-known from the annual, national competitions in Germany, others from some local wakeboard events. Moreover we invited 'Vossi' Andreas Voss, 2012 WWA World Wake Park Champion (Master Category) to join this session. It was a great pleasure for us to set up a team like this. These guys brought the idea of shred the deck a big step forward.

the obstacle

A glowing obstacle inside a lake was a new step into the future. Our in-house technicians made this elementary part of shred the deck possible. It was a very exciting moment switching on the obstacle's multicolour lights for the first time - everybody was astonished.

the music

We like the style of without-directive. For this reason we asked Philipp to produce another music for our video. In our opinion the music matches the passion and style of shred the deck.

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